Over the Hump

Apparently, it was a good time to start a blog. The day after I posted my last entry I got a notification that I was officially medically cleared for the Peace Corps. A day after that I got legally cleared, which means the FBI didn’t catch that monkey-smuggling ring I started a few years back (only kidding, FBI, please don’t read this and revoke my clearance!)

Now the wait begins for real, for real. I have a feeling this is going to be the worst, and somehow longest wait, though it’s really the shortest. The next thing I should hear from the government is that they’d like for me to update my resume and transcripts from UGA. That stuff submitted, I should then be on the fast track for placement. It’s crazy to think that I don’t know where I’ll be living three months from now. That has never before been a questions in my life.

In the meanwhile, I’ll live up the last days of my spring break. Kinect bowling and the third season of Arrested Development are currently queued up since I’ve already made my way through a chocolate bar, a Cosmo magazine, and lunch with my boyfriend. My goal is to waste this day as fully as possible because lord knows once I’m back in school, I won’t have this amount of luxury. It’ll be time to hit the books for the GRE and crunch time for the final four classes of my college career, which are:

1. Monkey Class. Organization of Primate Social Groups.
The most badass class I currently take. It focuses solely on primates, and their social groups (as the name might imply). I’m in a class full of grad students and kicked ass on the first test. This class is taught by the oldest teacher I have ever seen, and also one of the smartest. This man knows so much about phylogeny and animal behavior because he was *there* when they discovered it. On my test I quoted a book…quoting him.

2. Baby Class. Developmental Psychology.
Oh yes, I take a class all about babies. I’m sure before you read that you were thinking “Gosh, Georgia loves monkeys, how could a schedule get any better?”. Let me answer that for you: babies. Babies make a class schedule better. So far, approximately 583 “Awwwwww”s have been emitted in that class.

3. Old Coot class. Adult Development and Aging.
I like people. All kinds of people. You could say that I’m, oh, a ‘people person’. This class makes me regret that. Old people seem like they would be awesome, don’t they? All those stories and hard candy… what’s not to love? I love the old people in my life, so, gosh, wouldn’t a class on them be cool? The short answer to that: No. No it’s not. It’s boring and almost painful. Oh, and you have to study for the god-forsaken class because it’s really specific, really boring information about old people.

4. Messing with people’s heads. Self Control and Behavior laboratory.
This one isn’t really a class, but a laboratory. I once worked with monkeys in that same sort of style, but I’ll admit that messing with people‘s heads is way more fun. The monkeys I felt a little bad about– they still didn’t get the joke when you explained that nah, this time they weren’t getting a cheerio. They also get way angrier that you’d dare lie to them. Freshmen in beginning psychology classes tend to get it easier (only sometimes) and don’t hate you as much when you leave. I make them fill out surveys and sometimes get to pretend to be a fellow student, a graduate student working on a thesis, and lots of other acting roles that scare them and pressure them into making self control decisions.

The above credits only total 12, which aside from summer classes is the lowest number I’ve ever taken. Yet, my schedule is jam packed as though I were taking way more. I don’t even have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and yet I’m still busy busy busy. I cannot wait until several Fridays from now when I get to sit in Sanford Stadium and graduate like a boss. Three years, one degree, a million infinity thousand cool points achieved. Then, I will do one giant air hump to show my degree who’s in charge.


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