Crap I get asked all the time.

For months now, I’ve managed to weasel Peace Corps stuff into every conversation I have.

You may think I’m over-exaggerating in the above sentence. I am not.

Oh, hey, you’re eating popcorn? That’s cool. They have corn in Africa.
You like your Kindle? Yeah, me too. I’m probably taking it to the Peace Corps.
You’ve got summer travel plans? Gosh, yeah, me too. I’m moving to another country.
Oh, you’re donating 5 bucks to Japan? Yeah, I’m donating two years. No biggie.

I blame it on being really, really excited to start that part of my life, which is how I hope it comes across, but it sounds really douche-y when I write it down. So… it probably sounds douche-y when I say it, too.

Anyways, for the people who are good sports about my fanaticism surrounding the Peace Corps, asking questions is part of their appeasement process. I figure some are actually curious while other are just putting in time, but I answer them all regardless. I figured all the friends/family/strangers who read this blog might have a few of the same questions, but don’t get to talk to me as often. Or ever. So, below I’ll answer some of my most common questions.

(Also, holy crap you guys, my blog has gone from 1 or two visitors a day [Thanks, Dad!] to over 100 in just the last 24 hours! What gives?!)

1. Where are you going?

No idea. Okay, that’s a lie. I have sort of, kind of an idea. I was nominated for Sub-Saharan, Francophone Africa. A nomination isn’t a guarantee, though. If they review my file and find that it’s more cut out for a different program — say, Eastern Europe or Asia– then I’ll be sent there instead. The Peace Corps is pretty big on being two things: Flexible and Patient. Right now I feel like I’ve waited a bajillion years to hear anything from the Peace Corps. Obviously I’m being less than awesome about one of those tenets.

2. When are you going?

I should be heading out in June, but, like the above answer, this could change. Each departure date is tied to a country, so if my country changes, my departure date does, too.

3. Will you have internets?

Maybe! PC has told me, through the grape vine (via blogs), that most volunteers have access to their emails about once a week. If I’m in a major city, or at least a kinda big city, then it’s way better odds that I’ll have regular internet access. If I’m in a pretty dang developed part of the country I serve in I could have the possibility of internet IN MY HOME. So, I can stalk on facebook according to my already established schedule. Whew.

4. Isn’t the Peace Corps dirty?

This question appears in a bunch of different ways, but all of them surround hygiene. To summarize, I will probably be way sweatier, dirtier, and unkempt-ier than I am now.  Right now, make-up, showering, and smelling good are big ol’ priorities.  I predict currently that as long as I am in the freakin’ hot African sun working my booty off, being glamorous might fall to the wayside .

5. Can I visit you?

Yes! As long as it is after my first three months of service and before my final three months of service, you can totally visit me! I don’t really know where I’ll be,or if I’ll have a good place for you to sleep, or if I can spare a mosquito net to make sure that you don’t get all malarialized, but gosh darn it, I’ll try. I’m sure I will be begging for people to come and see what kind of life I’m experiencing and to bring a little taste of home with them. Now, do I really expect you guys to visit me? No. Unfortunately, I know travel is expensive and lots of thing have to be put off so, please, don’t feel bad if you don’t make bi-monthly trips to wherever I am.

6. Can I send you packages?

Yes! I will take them in lieu of you visiting me, so long as they contained any form of chocolate. Details will be posted here and my facebook page when I know when/where I am going and what the address is.

Well, you guys, those are the big 6. I’m sure there’s lots more, but I just can’t think of them right now. BUT, that’s where y’all come in! If you think of any question or subject that I have totally skipped over, let me know. I’ll update this entry with answer to those queries.


Edit 1: I will totally miss my sister a whole stupid bunch. She is pretty much the greatest big sister ever and matches so good it ain’t even funny. She is also the reason why I know any Outkast, Snoop Dogg, or Morissey lyrics.


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