Spring is (almost) here.

Growing up in the Atlanta area has afforded me some of the best springs around. My neighborhood is covered in trees and I have 15+ in my front yard alone. We can’t even grown grass, but if you need some big hardwood trees, we’re your people. My neighborhood around this time explodes in blooms. The downside of this is the massive amount of pollen you wake up to on some seemingly innocuous day in early spring. Cars are coated in thick yellow as far as you can see and you’ll need your windshield wipers to clear it all off. I wouldn’t be surprised if here we get more pollen than snow.

Every year I knew spring was close when my dad brought in the very first daffodil from our yard. They are my mother’s favorite and we’d give it its very own bud vase and display it in the kitchen. Soon the azaleas in our front yard bloomed, kicking off the domino effect that made the tree-lined streets look like they were from a movie. It signaled the end of school, the opening of the neighborhood pool, and the freedom of long days in our back yard creek.

Moving to Athens in June of 2009 made me wait almost a whole year before I could see if spring was the same here.  Lucky for me, it was. I took a special comfort in the (probably coincidental) appearance of two more special plants in my life. As spring progressed, I found that my campus was covered in not only daffodil oceans in the north, but ivy and tiger lilies as you proceeded southward. Not all readers know this, but my childhood pets share names with those plants. Tiger lily was the beloved cat I lost in 2009 and Ivy my best dog friend and constant companion who we lost less than a year ago. Both went to very sudden illnesses and both have their respective plants tattooed somewhere on me in memoriam.

I though I share some pictures of what a Southern Spring is like for those who don’t live here. Enjoy the pictures and try not to be too jealous. Next week should be in the high 70s here, though I know you readers in the North are just starting to thaw.


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