Graduation Wishlist

Today I bought my cap, gown and tassel.

In about a month and a half I will stand (and then sit, and then stand again) in a stadium with a few thousand other fine folks and someone will tell me that, yes, despite sleeping through a couple of classes here and there and despite being on facebook whenever a computer was present, I am competent enough in the field of psychology to get a big piece paper that says my brain is full of stuff. Or was full of stuff. I imagine I’ll forget at least half of what I’ve learned in the next year or so.

But that’s the just the dumb stuff that I’ll forget. The good stuff I’ll hang onto. Like, I totally don’t remember the Krebs cycle. Not even a little. Or, the formula to find the z square in statistics—all gone. Oh, and the whole semester I took of philosophy?  Yeah, absolutely nothing stuck.

But like I said, the good, important things I have drilled into my head for all of forever. Here are a few gems that maybe you’ll find useful to hang onto:

  • A termite will follow the scent of a blue bic pen. You can draw a trail for it, loops and everything. The pen replicates the pheromones the leader termites produce when telling the rest of the nest where to go.
  • Dinosaurs did not fly. If it flew, it disqualified itself from dinosaur-hood. Also, they likely had feathers.
  • All living primates have fingernails
  • Water can be used as a metaphor for pretty much anything in a bullshit English class.
  • The French word for seal in ‘le phoque’.
  • Correlation does not equal causation.
  • Ring tailed lemurs do not get involved when their lemur friends/family duke it out. This is because they have a god-awful sense of smell and can’t tell who is related to them and who isn’t.
  • Mo wa lati laba lab ati awo pinki is how you say ‘I like butterflies and the color pink’ in Yoruba.
  • I can draw and label all the major structures of an eye, ear, and brain.
  • Oh, and any natural body cavity or opening is called a meatus. Ha. Meatus.

I’ve also heard through the grapevine that some people want to know what I might like for graduation. The old stand-bye is always money (Always the perfect gift!) , but, these things (I have a feeling) will come in handy based on what I’ve read in P.C. blogs:

A headlamp
A rolling duffle bag
Tough backpack
Fancy battery-powered alarm clock that might read temperature/date
USB card reader for backing up photos/uploading photos at cafes/ Regular USB
Solar chargers ( the iSun specifically *not* recommended by PCVs)
Plug adaptors
Swiss Army Knife Thanks, Emma!
Shortwave radio
Light Raincoat (example:  in a large– it folds into itself!)
Diskman (ancient, I know, but then I can always have a musical back-up if my tiny Mp3 craps out) (and you can send me your own custom mixes!)
Camping mattress (thermarest or R.E.I. apparently have good ones) Thanks, Melanie!
External hard drive
Rechargeable batteries
Travel-sized board games


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