What I now know about my departure date.

Ha! Nothing. Gotcha!

I called P.C. headquarters today because it’s been almost a month to the day since I was medically cleared. From what I know from mercilessly stalking my fellow P.C. candidates, they usually ask for an updated resume and then tell you that you’ll be contacted in 4 to 6 weeks. Well… 4 to 6 weeks from now is freakin’ graduation for me. I thought I know a wee bit sooner than that, to be honest.  So I called.

Here is pretty much verbatim the transcript of the call

” Placement, this mumblemumblemumble”

“Hi …miss… I am a nominee that was scheduled to leave in June, but hadn’t heard anything from Placement since my clearance medically about a month ago. I was curious to see if I was missing any important documents or could facilitate my evaluation in any way”

*I give her my name, confirm that legal cleared me a month ago too*

“Oh, yeah, it looks like we’ve still got you here. Yeah, we usually start contacting people about a month after clearance. So, uh, expect a phone call soon”

“Oh, okay, well, what date should I be looking out for as too late to be contacted for a June departure?”

“Well, it looks like you’re still in the time frame, so it’s still possible to leave in June. It might be later than that, though, sometime in summer. We’ll just have to see, I guess. ”

“Oh, so maybe June or maybe… not June but slightly after?”

“Yep. We’ll let you know if we need a resume”

“Oh, okay… um, thank you.”

“Okay, bye”

Obviously I’ve gleaned a lot of information here. I may or may not leave in June, maybe. They’ll let me know.

Thanks, Peace Corps.


6 thoughts on “What I now know about my departure date.

  1. I don’t know if I trust these people to actually be in charge of my baby sister’s travel and lodging arrangements on a another continent, if they can’t even schedule a phone call.

  2. Well, you can e-mail, or call, or even do both. However, PC will get make a decision about your match with a country & program when they do it regardless of hints, clues, prompts, etc. In the meantime, be assured that they have not overlooked your file.
    When it is all settled, you will be amazed when you realize that the outcome will have been for the best (for you AND the country to which you are invited).
    My departure date is 15 months after my nomination, but when I study the details of my invitation (country and program), I realize that PC knows best.
    Good luck and try to maintain PMA with lots of patience.

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