I took a week off.

Last week was certainly not my best week.

In addition to finding out that my PC dreams have been delayed (and hopefully not crushed), I was bogged down with homework, had the busiest week I’ve ever had at the hotel, struggled to get my budget in order so that the money I’ve been saving lasts until I move back with my parents for a little bit (wish me luck, I’ll need it!) and caught a cold that made all of the above intensify by two or three fold.It’s been stressful, and as a result, I’ve doubled up on napping (followed by a bubble bath– it’s the poor person’s spa!).

After I stopped crying out of frustration, I did manage to sign up for a CPR class next Monday and I should be getting a call in the next few days about possibly volunteering with the Boys and Girls club of Athens. I also might help out my awesome boyfriend in his ESL classes, which he helps teach every Monday and Friday. If everything goes super, super well, I could be done with the volunteer requirements I was asked to procure by mid-June. Six weeks later would be the soonest I could leave, so I’d be looking at the beginning of August through September or so. Let’s hope that my departure has turned into a August/September one instead of a June/July one and nothing much later than that!

I’ve got plenty of things to distract me over the summer lined up, and currently pushing through the last two weeks of undergraduate work, plus studying for the GRE, has sufficed in keeping my mind off the constant PC worries. I’ve got one more major assignment, one homework, and two finals before I’m done. Not just done for the summer, but super done. I am currently expecting straight B’s partially due to senioritis and partially because I’m taking a few graduate level classes, plus a lab, plus a job, plus all the PC stuff.

Still…Someone, somewhere thinks that my butt is smart enough for a degree, which frankly baffles me a little bit. Me, the 21 year old who still naps and watches Disney movies. Degrees are for adults. I am no adult. But, if they insist on giving me one, I’ll take it. I guess fake it till you make it, or something? Does having a degree mean I have to buy grown up clothes? Like pant suits? Where does a gal even buy a pant suit?


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