Knock me down 100 times, I’m up 101.

The clouds are getting pretty dark over Athens…

I’m assuming this, of course, because it’s almost 9pm here in Athens. But, the clouds are probably pretty dark, darker than the dark the usually are, over Athens. Probably. Maybe.

It’s tornado season in Georgia and while we’ve been fairly lucky (though a neighbor’s house was slammed with a tree only a few weeks ago), the storms keep coming and you never know what could happen next in this kind of weather.

Except for me –I know what’s happening next. I know that in five more days I will take my last undergraduate class. In seven more days I’ll take my last final. In eight more days, I quit my job. In two more weeks I’ll take the GRE. In 16 more days I’ll graduate. In 21 more days I’ll be done with my Peace Corps volunteer requirement.

Wait, wait, wait… did you read that right?

“But Georgia! You’re balancing Peace Corps volunteer hours with school and work and studying for finals and preparing for graduation? It couldn’t be!”

Oh, hypothetical you, it COULD. In fact, it IS.

Take that, Peace Corps.

Yes, I’d love a challenging month to cap off my challenging three years at college. Please, just throw it on the pile, the one labeled ‘things to kick ass it’.

Maybe you don’t know me, Peace Corps. I’m Georgia. I hold down jobs and pay my bills while doin’ research and getting them awesome grades. I have a social life, a work life, an academic life and now a volunteerin’ life.

30 hours or three months? Try one month, sucka.

Side note: this Peace Corps thing follows a weirdly long line of rejection and then achievement. I didn’t get into my art high school on the first round, but was first on the waiting list. Went on to be class president, be the youngest singer in a special woman’s choir, and represented the media department school-wide as sophomore. Got rejected from UGA initially, now I’m graduating early, like a champ. Got rejected from the Peace Corps… now have plans to be literally the greatest volunteer of all time and start that Cuddle Farm I was speaking of in an earlier post.

So, anyways…

In your FACE, Peace Corps.


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