Things, they are good.

As the title of the post says, things, they are good.

I’m home from the G.R.E. I’ve been studying for for the past three months. I’m not horribly excited about my scores, but not heartbroken over them, either. I did fine. I did okay. It should be totally plausible for me to get into a school I like in a few years using those scores and a hodge-podge of other things.

That finished, I am now doing nothing but waiting to graduate. My last day of work came and went as well as my last final. It was bittersweet to leave the place I’ve worked my whole time in Athens. I figure I’ll probably be hanging around there this summer, anyways, especially after the incredibly generous graduation gift they gave me. It was also so odd to walk out of the psychology building for the last time, especially after the insane amount of time I spent there this past semester. This G.R.E. was the next to the last thing on my checklist, besides walking into Sanford Stadium on Friday while my family watches me graduate.  Then, a summer full of… nothing.

Well, nothing besides enjoying family and friends and volunteering with my boyfriend teaching ESL. Since I finished up my Boys and Girls Club hours last Friday, I wanted to make sure I had more hours waiting for me this summer. Not only do I have more hours, but they’re with people I know I like hanging out with!

Speaking of volunteering, I sent away my reactivation request to the Peace Corps, along with an updated resume, my reasons for withdrawing my application and my motivation for requesting reactivation. I bit the bullet and listed my withdrawal as something I did after ‘advisement’ from my Placement Officer. I figured they had the email exchange where my P.O. actually just withdrew me themselves instead of asking me.

But, all that doesn’t matter because I got this email yesterday:

Thanks Georgia,
I’ve added this all to your file, reactivated your application for service, and thank you for your commitment to Peace Corps.  Here in the Placement Office, we look forward to being in touch with you in the upcoming weeks.

Woohoo! I’m back on track! Bonus: What I thought was going to take me two months to finish ended up taking merely one month. Not too shabby!


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