Not a lot going on.

Blog, nothing much is happening right now in my life. In fact, having no school feels like less of a weight being lifted off and more like an odd void that needs to be filled. Did anyone else feel like this when they finished their degree? I’ve been in school for over 15 years straight at this point. Not having a paper due next week is less stressful than before, certainly, but I’m not sure I like it.

My days now are preparation for being on next week’s vacation. I’m practicing watching TV, lying around the house, being on the computer too much… You’ve got to warm up for that sort of thing, you know, lest you seriously injure yourself or another during extreme relaxation.

I have been back at work, however. Turns out, they don’t let me quit too easily. A situation arose where they needed me to fill in for them during this summer (in almost all the same shifts I would have normally been working) so I’m being a band-aid for them until they can hire someone new. Since I’m not leaving when I thought I was, this is a pretty good thing for my budget!

Speaking of departure date, I still have no idea when that could be. I went from desperately wanting to hear from a placement officer to now being kind of iffy in regards to hearing from one so soon. You see, this letter has been floating around the Peace Corps applicant blogs from the offices in D.C., essentially stating that all positions for this year have been filled in their program, or that they’re right past the cut-off for people being considered for this year’s departures, I do *not* want that letter. If waiting a month to hear from someone is the price I pay to not be told ‘no’ (again), I’ll take it.

As far as I can tell, these letters are being sent to people with July nominations and on. If you remember from the very beginning of this blog, I was originally nominated to leave in June of 2011. I know I may be hoping for far too much, but I think there may be a itty bitty tiny little maybe sorta chance that I made that cut-off date. Possibly just barely.

Frankly, I really hope I did, because that’s kind of the least they could do for me, ya know? I’ve been sort of pushed around for the past few months. There’s the whole ‘taking forever to look at my stuff ‘ thing, which then of course caused the ‘never contacting me’ thing, and then the whole ‘contacting me to tell me ‘no’ only after I called the office to remind them I’m still alive’ debacle. Then I turned on the turbo jets and got all my bizness handled in a mere three weeks, despite the recommendation that you put aside three months for it.

In summary, I think I’d be a pretty valuable, productive, friendly, hardworking, intelligence and diligent part of the Peace Corps. I’m hoping with all the slicing and dicing to the budget they’re doing, they end up feeling the same way.


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