No news is good news. Good news is vacation.

I’m back! Tanner, rested, and smelling like sand and a little bit like dog (she rode in my lap on the way home).

I’ve returned from a week of vacationing at St. George Island (I have mistyped that as ‘St. Georgia’ twice, now) with family + boyfriends. While I didn’t get any calls from the mythical Peace Corps People, I did get a whole week to do nothing but relax at the pool or beach and eat really good food. I say I didn’t get any calls– I in fact didn’t get any call from anyone because my phone doesn’t work down on that island. A whole week with the phone turned off.

St. George is a small and kind of desolate place. I’m used to going to places in Florida that have take the ‘tourist trap’ thing and run with it. You’ve got a putt-putt place here, a kayak rental there, maybe a big ol’ ferris wheel somewhere down the road. Not St. George, by golly. St. George keeps it simple. St. George shuts down at 8. St. George has one grocery store within 20 minutes and doesn’t give a poop if you don’t like it. St. George has an ice cream place that ran out of milk for a milkshake, and when the store guy went to go buy more milk, he just never came back. St. George also has a shop with some pretty racist t-shirts. It was coincidentally where the milkshake incident took place. I probably shouldn’t have been too surprised.

All my vacation days sort of blur together. Didn’t I just tell this blog that I was leaving soon for the beach and practicing my laying around skills? I suppose the best vacation is the one that passes too quickly. Time flies when you’re having fun, you know.

But, one more week down, one weeks less until I find out what the heck is going to happen to me. How soon is too soon to send a sneaky email asking for updates? I feel kind of scarred since the last time I ‘let their people call my people’ it turns out it would have probably benefited for my to get over my fear and call them.  RPCVs and current invitees: How soon is too soon to bug the heck out of a placement officer?


One thought on “No news is good news. Good news is vacation.

  1. Hi, there,
    I just stumbled on to your blog. I see that you have had some problems with Peace Corps and I thought I would let you know about my experiences.

    Last year, I was medically cleared in Feb. then I waited for months and didn’t hear anything. Eventually, a blue folder showed up and I was invited. This was amazing news because my application took TWO years. So, last July, I left for Niger and was sworn in as a volunteer on Sept. 23.

    Life was great until January. Because of terrorism, I was evacuated. Peace Corps told me they had another position for me, then 12 hours before I was to leave, they told me I wasn’t medically qualified and that I would be going home. So, as was my option, I submitted my paperwork to re-enroll. Despite that I was medically cleared to close my service, I had a hard time getting medically cleared. Three months later, I finally got into placement but am told I need to wait again.

    My placement officer told me that there has been cuts and they aren’t sure what programs they can fill right now. I will tell you that I know people who are leaving every month from now to September, but these are evacuees and they go to the top of the list. I also know someone (not an evacuee) who was told placement won’t happen this year. My officer seems to think I could go this year, but she nor I really know.

    So, what I guess I am trying to say is have lots of faith and patience. Peace Corps will never work out how you want it to, but just keep holding on and it will come.

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