Mind your bid’ness, nosy.

Rule number one of any waiting Peace Corps nominee is to … well, wait. The word around town is that you’re not supposed to talk to anyone at the office, but instead exude the holy PC virtue of patience.

In an effort to be both patient and flexible (the other important virtue for a nominee) I tried to take a hiatus from everything Peace Corps. No checking blogs, no checking the Timeline, nothing. It was all driving me crazy. I would check every outlet of information in hour increments– as if new information would magically appear the more times I clicked. Obviously, it didn’t, but when a new story would pop on the off-chance, I’d suddenly be convinced that whoever just got invited totally just stole my spot.

Okay, maybe not totally stole my spot, but more like… when someone dates the person you like. What’s so great about them? I’ve been waiting for a year, and they’ve been waiting since… October?! They started their application in October? Then, the preparation lists started rolling out for the people leaving in June. That was where it got to be too much. I was supposed to leave in June! These people were actually spot stealers.

So, like I was saying, in an effort to preserve what sanity and serenity I had left, I stopped reading. It was going to be a two week break, but, I made it less than a week. Last night I decided to forget advice and contact my Placement officer (who has been nothing but sweet and friendly) and let her know how teaching English has been going and to check to see where I am in line.

I was honestly expecting a ‘mind you business, nosy!” from the office, but instead she was super nice. She hadn’t reviewed my file, she said, but it was on her list of ones to do this month. So, really you guys, I should be finding out where I’m going this month.


2 thoughts on “Mind your bid’ness, nosy.

  1. Okay so I don’t know all the terminology but this girl I went to school with JUST finished her Peace Corps app and like a week later got her nomination. But if I remember correctly, you got that quickly too?

    Anyway, woo! I wonder what’s taking so fucking long?!!?!?

    • Yeah, a nomination was one of the things I got pretty quickly, which I thought was initially a good omen. Its where they suggest that you go to a general region for a general job, maybe. The invitation is where they tell you the country and usually a pretty specific job. And yeah– what’s the hold-up!

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