This isn’t what I thought summer would be.

As the title probably implies, this isn’t how I thought my summer would go. That’s both a good and bad thing, but I’d like to think that it leans further into the ‘good’. I’m still waiting to see how the summer will finish out (Hopefully with an invite, soon!) but I can reflect on how its fleshed out so far.

This isn’t how I thought my summer would be when I was planning it all out a year ago. I could have sworn to you that I would have known where I was going by late winter and would now be packing up my things into suitcases and backpacks, in hopes that I am under the 80lb limit set by the Peace Corps. I would have been leaving any day now, according to last fall’s Georgia. I would be moved out of my apartment and into my parent’s house, counting down the days until a plane took me to somewhere in Africa. But, that didn’t work out so well. I’m in Athens and Atlanta for the summer, instead. No packing anytime soon, except for to move back home mid-July.

The other side of that coin was what happened after I found out about my big delay. This isn’t how I thought my summer would be post-college. I thought I would be jobless and scrimping and saving. I thought I might have to sell my furniture earlier than expected to make up for short-sighted job quitting. I thought I would be breaking off ties with friends because they might not stick by me if I was far away. I didn’t think I’d get to celebrate one year with the person I love, because I’d be overseas and too far away to have an anniversary. Instead, I was wrong about all those thing, largely because of many people reading this blog. I feel really lucky to have such a generous web of people supporting me, whether they be work friends, parents, family members, loved ones or other people I’ve met along this 21 year journey.

So, people who read this blog, both ones I know and ones I don’t, thank you a whole bunch for being such a force behind me for all these years, months, or days.

                                  I also went to the zoo. Here is a picture of me being a lion to thank you guys.


One thought on “This isn’t what I thought summer would be.

  1. The wonderful pic of you and giraffe is still on our refrigerator…just like at the old house. I think patience is one of the hardest lessons to learn and you are dealing with it in extremely positive ways…Good Goin’ Goottee Girl! And, as always, lots of love wafting your way.

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