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Though I got my packet three days ago, I’ve yet to really write anything about it on the internets. Well, except that video. I realize now when I just put the video up that didn’t let people know about it, unless it was accompanied by a whole buncha’ words. So, anyone who wanted to know where I was going via video, it is in the post below.

Spoiler/Summary: Cameroon.

I have been crazy busy for the past few days. I had a bout of work, and during those 8 hours I managed to knock out my entire invitation packet.  In the video in the previous post you see me finding out about Cameroon, but what you don’t see is pretty much my entire world changing. I’ve had a few complaints that my video wasn’t enthusiastic enough– especially since I tend to be a pretty emotional person. All I can tell you is that it was a mixture of delight and the sobering realization that I better get my butt in gear, because everything is about to change.

I’ve been making a wishlist for the past few days that I have on Amazon for luggage, chargers, radios, shoes, etc. I’ve looked at every packing list from every blog on the internet trying to get a handle on what, in three months, I should be bringing across the ocean. I’ve filled out visas, passport applications, taken photos for the paperwork, written an aspiration statement and revamped my resume.I’ve filled out life insurance, payment info, and loan deferment applications. If the Peace Corps couldn’t tell I was eager before, I’ll assume they can now.

But, in all this excitement, a little bit of sad crept in, too. The rat I’ve had for a little over two years, Pepper, had to be put down because of a growing tumor that started to affect her breathing and ability to move around. It’s another thing to add to the list of changes happening here. As I write this, boxes are being packed and move-out arrangements are taking place for the impending haul back to Atlanta. I’m sure everyone reading this has experienced the same bittersweet feeling that I am dealing with now: seeing a chapter of your life closing before your eyes, but also another opening.

I’m lucky enough, I suppose, to at least know that my change will be for the better. Not just for me, but for the people I interact with as well.

Or, at least that’s what I’m going to be telling myself for the next three months to prevent me from getting a case of the blues about leaving.


2 thoughts on “More Invitation Info

  1. ok , little girl, I am walking this walk with you. I will be reading your blog everyday you write in it. I know you have a lot of things and emotions to deal with now. Your dad gave me this and I am so glad that I have a way to keep in contact with what you are doing. Grandma is proud and concerned about her baby girl. Keep in touch. YGLY

  2. Interesting that some thought your video lacked enthusiasm…it’s “in the eye of the beholder”. To me, it radiated great emotion…it felt like all your wishes, hopes, desires were combined with “what the hell am I doing…?” Press on, darling girl, press on!

    Much love,

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