Sometimes it becomes obvious to me that not leaving in June turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I so had my heart set on being in Africa at the beginning of summer, only a few weeks after graduating. Now I realize that there would be a lot of missing out to be had if I left when I was originally hoping to.

I wouldn’t have been able to celebrate my anniversary tonight with my boyfriend, for one thing. We went and had probably the best meal either of us has ever put in our mouths in a cute Italian restaurant in downtown Athens, Georgia. We had a coupon and some gift cards, so we managed to rack up almost 100 bucks before the coupon in food. Drinks, desserts, apps,  everything!  For poor people like us, this was a real extravagance. And man, it was all better than the thing before it. Those Italians know their way around a kitchen. What a great way to celebrate a great year.

Pathetically, it reminded me of the things I would miss here (besides my boyfriend of course), namely: cheese. I really love cheese, you guys. I’ve got a cheese drawer in my fridge and at the boyfriend’s apartment (where I’m currently residing) we’ve got seven different kinds of cheeses stacked up, just in case. That’s a lot of cheesy commitment. I hear Cameroon doesn’t offer a cheese connoisseur a wide variety of delicious delicacies and that makes me really, really sad. I figure I’ll stuff my mouth with the good stuff now and worry about dropping the l.b.s when it’s time to bike a couple miles in the hot African sun after a bout with giardia.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still looking forward to going, but a life without cheese (and Boyfriend) is a life without a little piece of my heart…


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