Hot in hurr.

A heatwave is making its way through America.

Normally, summers are pretty oppressive in the South. Temperatures in the 90s, air conditioners on high, humidity that makes it feel like you’re breathing soup…but it’s been cyclical. It’ll dip into the 80s after a few horrendous days, giving everyone a small respite from being unbearably hot and sticky. This summer: no such luck. Temperatures for the past several weeks have sky-rocketed into the high 90s, with heat indexes in the triple digits. Even Georgia Power has issued a statement saying to not worry too much about your bill, they just don’t want to be responsible for heatstroke.

The worst parts of summer have been magnified: you stick to leather seats even worse, sunburn comes even faster, getting to sleep at night is even harder when you feel like you’re melting into the sheets. Any relief felt by a trip to the pool is almost negligible (it’s been hot for so long it feels like bathwater) I am a self-professed summer-lover who prefers to be warm, but even I am tired of the crazy weather.

Meanwhile, according to the internet,  my t-minus 7 weeks home (holy crap, is it really only 7 weeks!?) is enjoying a high in the low to mid 80s and a low in the 60s. I never thought I’d be saying that I couldn’t wait to cool down in Africa.


2 thoughts on “Hot in hurr.

  1. Temp in Kalispell is 86 today, evenings we’ve had 56….Bill, Crissy, Alex and Brittany sleeping well!
    Wish you were here…..Love, G.J. Sr.

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