I’ll keep this entry short and sweet.

Today marks 5 whole weeks until I go to Philly to begin this wild and crazy adventure.

Tomorrow marks the first real good-bye I’ll have to say to a friend. My best friend since childhood stopped by (and by stopped by I mean drove 8 hours from Indiana) to surprise me with a visit, all coordinated between her and my father.

This past weekend I managed to get my boyfriend, family, and best friend in the same place for the first time. As someone who realizes how long it’ll be until that happens again, I can tell you what a treat it was to have it happen at all.

We ate lots of yummy stuff, watched movies, sang along to 90s music, played on the Kinect for a stupid amount of time, slept in, shopped and best of all acted just plain silly. Her arrival coincided with my Dad’s hospital stay for bleeding ulcers, so her presence helped us all be a little less nervous during his sleep-over at the Gastrointestinal Unit.

To round off this entry, here are some pictures of us pretending to be dinosaurs while we drew on a porch with side-walk chalk. Being with her is like being a kid, again.

Also, I advise all soon-to-be-departing PCVs to stop by the dollar store. I got coloring books, markers, bubbles, and a frisbee for the kids, some dino-hats, lots of Arizona tea, and those awesome sunglasses for Kaja and me.



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