Packing List

Someday, I’ll come back here and tell you what I did and did not need from this list. Right now, though, the ‘I couldn’t possibly leave it behind’ list is giant and I’m convinced that I will have to bring anything and everything I love because Cameroon won’t have it. I thought it might be helpful to other volunteers for me to post my extensive packing plan because of how helpful other lists were to me while creating mine. Here it goes:

	5 long skirts
	A pair of jeans
	A pair of capris
	Four regular fitted  t-shirts
	Camis
	2 large t-shirts
	21 underwear
	As many bras as I can muster
	5 pairs of socks
	One pair of shorts
	Rain jacket
	Zionsville Fleece
	Bathing suit
	Hoodie
	PJ pants 

	One pair of sandals
	One pair of running/walking shoes
	One pair of work/hiking boots

Personal Hygiene and Toiletry Items

	Antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizers
	Good Deodorant
	Items that smell good
	Ciprozene
	Two pairs of prescription eyeglasses /repair kit
	Extra contact lenses/ Saline
	Sunglasses and hard sided carrying case
	Hair clips and ties
	High quality tweezers
	Disposable Razors
	Extra piercing jewelry
	Curling Iron/Hair straightener
	Hair cutting scissors
	Ear plugs
	Body Wash
	Shampoo/Conditioner
•	Plastic storage containers/Ziploc bags
•	Swiss army knife or Leatherman tool
•	Knife/ whetstone
•	Pepper Grinder
•	Cheap Teflon pan
•	French Press
•	Spices
•	Powdered Drinks

•	Laptop
•	External harddrive
•	iPod/MP3 player
•	Shortwave/FM radio
•	Headlamp and batteries
•	Battery charger/ re-chargable batteries
•	220 converter
•	Kindle
•	Cameras/Chargers
•	Earbuds
•	Portable speakers

•	Plastic water bottle for travel
•	12 passport-size photos
•	Weekend-size backpack
•	Concealable money pouch or belt
•	Travel-size games, such as Yahtzee, and Uno
•	Art supplies 
•	Favorite writing utensils
•	Stationery and an assortment of greeting cards
•	Bandannas
•	Superabsorbent “swimmer’s” microfiber towel
•	Heavy-duty duct tape
•	Stamps
•	Reliable watch
•	French Book
•	Pictures of family/friends
•	So many snacks
•	Gift for hosts/kids
•	Travel locks

2 thoughts on “Packing List

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  2. I’m wondering how this packing list is working out for you. It looks like you pared it down pretty well before you left. That’s probably good, especially since you have to make the big schlep to Nguti soon, Is there anything you wish you had left at home?

    Please be sure to let us know what you need for you permanent station. Even if I send it now, it can’t get to you before you relocate, so I might as well mail a box soon so you know you have another package on the way.

    I can’t wait to see your new place. You must be excited. We love you!

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