First of the Last

Last night a boatload of other people gathered at my neighborhood pool for the last time. I’m kind of shocked how many people came out to see me, and how sore my jaw was this morning from talking for four hours straight. I’ve always considered myself an expert in such a field, but even I can be talked-out.

I held strong for most of the night, even though I’m the quintessential ‘cryer’. I cry when any emotion reaches a certain level. Happy? Cry. Sad? Cry. Tired? Cry. Overjoyed? Cry. I made it until the very last quarter of the party when I had to start saying goodbye  to the people I had leaned on most these last few years. The people who were with me through all my milestones, big and small. The frozen yogurt dates, the coffee talks, the complaints about work over drinks– It seemed like these were the people who had been with me most through this crazy application and the stress that came with it. They had been rooting for me to head off to do big things, and now I had to let them head their way and me head mine. When everyone cleared out at the end of the night, me and the Boyfriend stayed in the parking lot for a few minutes while I cried like a baby.

It was one of my first big cries, since I’ve surprisingly kept it mostly together over the past few weeks. I’ll let you in on my secret technique:  I pretend like I’m not leaving.

Yep. I know that come next Wednesday I have to board a flight to Philly, but before that I’m just treating everyday like how I treated days 6 months ago. Peace Corps? What’s that? Nah, I don’t think I know anything about going to a Peace Corps thing…

But enough about being sad, more about being happy. A big thank-you to all those people who showed up last night. Though we won’t hang out again for a little while, I look forward to seeing your faces on Skype, once I figure out how to hook that up in-country. And I hope everyone that wanted one took home a curious George mask, because those things were awesome. (And so were the peace rings, Mom.)

Not tomorrow, not the day after, but the day after THAT, I head out. Too crazy! It’s Staging Eve Eve Eve, as someone in my family would be bound to say.


5 thoughts on “First of the Last

  1. Wow I can only imagine your feelings about leaving. My son is entering his 5th Month in Cameroon. His post is in Edea. My wife and I are going to go visit him towards the end of march next year. I cannot wait and it cannot get here soon enough. God bless for what you have done the last 27 months. Very few people would commit to that.

    Gary Miller

    • Sorry for the previous post. I just read another blog of yours and realized you are just now heading to Cameroon. The party was here in the good old USA. I still say God bless for what you are about to do for the next 27 months. who knows maybe you will run into my son or my wife and I when we visit next March. So sorry for my screw up. You can delete the first post if you want to. 🙂 Good Luck in your Peace Corps Journey.

      • Oh I hope so, Gary! I am rushing to the map to search for Edea. (This is Georgia’s mom, and just the thought that there is another set of parents out there about to see their child (and hearing that he has survived 5 months) is tremendous news.) How has he enjoyed it so far?

  2. Well, honey, I am so glad your party was so nice. You brought a few tears to your grandma”s eyes just reading it. You have a lot of people who love you. You go my sweet doll. You go
    and make this old world a better place. YGLY

  3. @ jacqueline… So far so good. When he first got to Yaounde he was ok as they stayed there for 4 or 5 days before they went out to join their host families. Then they went to Bafia where they started their training and began their 3 month stay with their host family while doing their training. He was pretty homesick at the beginning of this phase. I think it just took a little while to adjust to the unfamiliar surroundings and situation. He has said that he will always be a little homesick but is adjusted to it now I believe. Max just started teaching 2 weeks ago. It was difficult for him at first as he is teaching in French. He is teaching computer literacy to student teachers. They are about his age….23….it seems to be getting better for him as he progresses each day. He has a blog if you are interested in reading any of his posts. his blog address is . My email is if you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me. I will try to answer them as best I can. It took Max about a week to get a cell phone. It was also very hard for us when he left. It’s hard to believe he will be entering his 5th month in Oct. What a wonderful thing all these volunteers are doing. Good luck with everything.

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