I’m safe, I’m sound, I’m in Cameroon!

We had two 7 hour flights, but we’re here. So far, I’ve seen:

African Dancers
A man at the airport selling a dead porcupine
A Cameroonian wedding
Meat I was unsure of
A bidet
A shower with no curtain
A culture that constantly honks at each other
People selling stuff they balance on their heads
A tiny African baby in tux
The most gorgeous view from my balcony
Kids playing soccer
The water go out, leaving us all smelly
My program description, which is –perfect-
A bunch of really cool PCTs (Trainees) and PCVs (volunteers)

I love and miss everyone, but know I’m safe, sound, and having the time of my life!


6 thoughts on “Cameroon!

  1. We are so thrilled to get your update. It sounds exciting and fun and just like we hoped it would be. We are proud of you and we love you!

  2. It is so wonderful to hear you are having the time of your life, and to be able to keep in touch with you so easily. Thinking of you often. I look forward to every posting. YGLY

  3. Adding my sigh-of-relief and atta-girl for your wealth & hellfare. Sooo looking forward to further adventures and tales of daring-do.

  4. It’s like reading the best parts of the “Color Purple”, “Out of Africa” and “Ghandi”,in your posts. I hope you will be able to keep these coming. I glad you’ve made friends, what an adventure!

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