Good Morning, Cameroon!

It’s me, again! I’m totally in Cameroon, still!

Today was Sunday. It’s also Sunday in the US, but I wanted to give you a point of reference.

Today was supposed to be my day of rest, but instead I was up at 6:30 with the family, because I assumed they were religious and said I’d like to go to church with them. As it turns out, it was just me and the mom heading to church, and the rest of the family stayed home. I could have copped out after all and slept in for once.

Mass was crowded and hot but interesting. Of course, I understood nothing. I don’t speak French really, and even in the U.S. I didn’t understand what the heck was happening in the churches I visited. I’m pretty sure the Jesus they used on the cross is either Jade or glows in the dark. I saw a few of my fellow whities there, but we didn’t get much time to talk. I don’t know if I’ll be heading back any time soon, but hey, it was an experience. Church serves as a good place to display the most fabulous clothes this community has to offer. If nothing else, I at least found out that it is fashionable to match your eyebrows to your dress. Not kidding.

My favorite meal so far is my version of a Cameroonian McMuffin, since McDonald’s doesn’t exist here. It’s bread, an omelet, and some cheese (YES, CHEESE!) you can get from the boutique up the road. It’s friggin’ great.

I’ll only have internet on Sunday, Saturday, and Thursday, but I’ll try to update when I can. It’s a nice place, this Cameroon, and not so different after all.

Except for how I use a bucket for everything. Already, I love my bucket. It flushes toilet, holds bathwater, and does my laundry. I can only imagine how much I’ll love it when I eventually get sick (fingers crossed, it hasn’t happened yet).

I’ll leave you with some real pictures this time!


3 thoughts on “Good Morning, Cameroon!

  1. You look beautiful….. Are those the children from your host family? Do you have a separate room in their home? I don’t do facebook so thanks a million for including pictures with your blog. How do you get back and forth to work? Are you required to wear skirts? Do you have an orientation class about local government and customs? It looks very much like the small villages I visited in the Carribbean. I loved talking with the women at the market place and the kids were delightful. How do they celebrate birthdays? I haunt your blog site daily…if there isn’t a new posting I re read the others….keeping you in my prayers.

    With love…G.J. Sr.

    • I do have a separate room in the house from the kids. I am wearing pants today, bu skirts are more proper and they expect you to be covered below the knee. I take classes about how to access the needs of the kids in the community and what kind of programs we can introduce and how. We have lots of classes about customs, too, since it’s a little different here. It looks like birthdays aren’t a big thing here, since I had three in a row with my family and had no idea until a week after. My classes are maybe 10 minutes away from my house, so I walk. The walk is hot, but nice. I’ll try to make sure I post interesting stuff as much as possible!

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