Pidgin Speech

I di salut wuna! How for skin dem?
Today na big day plenty for we. Forsikase, today na day for Swearing In–we be big Peace Corps Volunteer dem now! De month dem be hard for we. We be learn new language dem, we be shidon for class dem, we be write project dem and paper dem. We be even play volleyball. Plenty hard, no?
For de family dem – ashia for Trainee dem. Weti A fit say for de trainee dem? We be new for Cameroon and we family dem be helep we plenty. We be chop new chop dem and talk wohwoh French. We be len for wash kloss and how for salute. All de time, we shoe dem get plenty potopoto, but de family dem, be be patient plenty and kind. Tank you for all we family. We ovaglad for sabi wuna.
We go go for we post dem small time. A sabi sey next month dem got get plenty wahala. For maket, which price we go get’am? We no get de correct price, no, We go get white man price. And de pikin dem go shout “white man, white man!” De pikin no sabi sey ma own name na Georgia.
We go waka for road dem and go get wahala plenty. Poto poto road and wohwoh road and de way for chuck pipol dem for moto like sardine but we go lucky if we shidon for corner window.
But for we, Cameroon na we new home dem. De pipol dem, get good heart for here. De pipol dem for here like peace plenty. De pipol dem be tell we “kam gut” and “you are welcome” and dem no even know for wuside we komot, just dat we be welcome. Dem fit make fine chop dem and fit helep we for we house and fit helep we for maket. Dem go help we plenty pass how we go for helep dem, sometime. Dem fit helep we make Cameroon place where we heart dem dey.
A di ovaglad for work for Peace Corps. A di ovaglad for sabi ma new kombi dem and A di ovaglad for be Georgia for Georgia and now, Gootee for Nguti.
De work dem go hard. De project dem fit no work fine. You get for continue for trying. No forget dat proverb for Cameroon
“Small, small we go catch monkey”.

A tank wuna plenty, we go see again!


2 thoughts on “Pidgin Speech

  1. I be aglophone Cameroonian and i like your pidgin speech plenty. For stay for my contry no easy because wahala too much. For succeed you must tie heart. i don see-am say , you de for waka for de correct road and you go succeed well-well.
    Another saying for Cameroon na say “one hand no de tie bundle”. Ashia-ya mami, make you take-am molo-molo.

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