Cuddle Farm has found its founding member, and he’s currently trying to pounce on me through my mosquito net.

Njamma-Njamma, pidgin for ‘green vegetable’ was brought home three days ago from a local hunta’man. His mother was allegedly poisoned by someone after the puppies were born, and the man was so sad he decided to only sell one. He was also so upset because the mother was ‘overdear’, or expensive to buy, since she was the best hunter in town. She took down wild boars and monkeys. I was told that I should dock Njamma’s long, curled tail so that when his natural urges kick in and he goes off to hunt chimps they won’t be able to grab him by it, foiling his attack.

I’d like to say “ashia” to anyone who has ever had a puppy. They’re really a lot of work. I’m luck that my new house has cement floors, making for easy clean-up. Not to mention there’s not a heck of a lot to chew on. Sure, Njamma’s chewing on my flip-flop at the moment, but I can buy more, and will buy more, since I go through them so quickly here. And, sure, he peed on my clothes – but washing isn’t that difficult and house training seems to be working, so I’ll take it with as calm an attitude as I can muster. Even when it comes to something I thought was easy for dogs –food—he’s been a challenge. He only eats Cameroonian food. Pasta and sauce? No way. Scrambled eggs? Nah. French fries? Not a chance. But wait… Egusi sauce? Loves it. Achu? Yes, please. Ground nut sauce over rice? He’ll eat a whole bowl. Hopefully we’ll be able to slowly transition him to food I can actually cook, since me and Cameroonian food just don’t mesh.

Hopefully every one back home is gearing up for a great Christmas, or as they say here “X-mas”. I’m not too sure how mine will go here, but I am sure that it won’t feel much like Christmas at home. For one thing, it’s really hot here. For another, they don’t have any Jewish delis I can go and eat a bagel at. It’s a pity, really.

Instead, we’ve been told to expect lots of guests after everyone’s church services. My house is still really barren, so that likely means I’ll head to my post-mate’s place to greet people. We also told our closest family to us in village that we’ll bring over ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ for them to watch. We’re hoping they like it, as movie watching here is often a crapshoot.

Well, Njamma is now actually eating my flip flop, and doing the pee dance, so it’s time to feed him and take him outside. Merry
Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Hannukah to everyone out there in blog-land.


One thought on “Njamma-Njamma

  1. Love, love, love the new haircut! Your puppy is very cute, too. We are sympathizing at the Facebook entries about crate training. Do you have any chicken wire? That might be the next step for those too-wide slats. Keep up the good work. House training a pet seems to be an endless job. It is getting cold and wet here, so Olive has decided she’s not too keen on going outside if she can avoid it. She still wants to go on the official long walks with her halter on every day, no matter what the weather. Those take some coordination for the three of us, and they are always loudly announced with a YouTube video of the Tony Brent version of “Walkin’ to Missouri”. She gets very excited when she hears that music start. But a walk to go potty is just someone saying “Outside?” and putting a leash on her collar – pfttt! She turns her nose up at that when it’s raining. Recently she decided the rubber runner down by the washing machine is a good spot to squat. I am torn between (obviously) wanting to cure her of that practice and not wanting her to move her protest to a carpeted area. At least the rubber is easy cleanup. So, after 50+ years of owning dogs, I am not getting any smarter. Good luck to you both.

    Who loves you? Mom loves you!

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