Goat Grading Rubric

Here in the South West, I run into quite a few goats. In an effort to streamline my declarations of ‘cute’ or ‘not cute’, I made the rubric below during a seven hour, mud-filled car ride. Try using it to judge the goats in your area and just see if you don’t find a real looker!


 1pt 2pts 3pts
Color Goat is one color, solidly marked. The goat displays two colors of coat. Goat covers all three major coat colors: Brown, white, and black.
Spottiness Goat is not spotted, but is multi-colored. Typical displays are front-back differential coloring, or facial markings. Goat is well spotted.      
Nose Nose is pink.       X         X
Activity Goat is performing an activity. Examples include jumping, hopping, climbing or eating.  


Size Goat is medium size. Goat is small. A baby, or kid.    
Misc. Goat is pregnant, especially fat, sporting a beard, has curly horns, or otherwise quirky or special.

1 pt — Is the goat dead?

2-5pts — Not a shabby goat.

5-7pts — No goat to scoff at

7-10pts — Hoo, boy! That’s a cute goat!






4 thoughts on “Goat Grading Rubric

  1. Can they get negative points for: a) braying right outside your window VERY early in the morning; b) leaving calling cards on your porch; c) running in front of your moto/bike?

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