Gleeked Out

In the past week the Case of Peace Corps Cameroon has turned into a tiny little Glee-obsessed bubble. By any means, nefarious or not, PCVs gain access to all sorts of shows and movies and often hold day long marathons for those of us stuck here like quarantined animals. In previous visits I’ve been graced with a showing of Girls, Shameless, various nature shows, Bridesmaids on repeat, and Archer. As fads tend to do, each petered out in a few days, sometimes in a few hours. Our poor brains just cannot contain so much visual stimuli. After all, we’re out of brainless-tv-watching practice now that we’re expats. Glee has risen like cream to the tip top, surpassing all other marathons. We are on the precipice of making it one official week of almost nothing else gracing the television except for a baker’s dozen or so of peppy teens with kickin’ dance moves. We’ve made it from the beginning of season one to half way through season three. Somewhere along the lines we decided that what PC/Cameroon really needs, more than consistent running water, bed-bug free mattresses, or the ability not have mice make homes in your grocery bags, is a glee club.

Top 10 Reasons Peace Corps Cameroon would form the best glee club pretty much ever.

  1. Touring would be no issue. Homesickness? Over it.
  2. Pagne would make for some incredible club togs.
  3. You’ve never seen dance moves until you’ve seen Cameroonian dance moves. Now imagine it synchronized.
  4. Thanks to constant stares and frequent harassment, we’re already used to the spotlight.
  5. Hippies with guitars make for excellent back up bands.
  6. The stamina needed in rehearsals is nothing compared to stamina needed for the marathon 10+ hour bus rides some of us make.
  7. We’ll serenade in French, English, Pidgin or local dialect.
  8. We’ve got the excessive drinking of a rockstar down pat already.
  9. Fast food? Dive bars? Hole in the wall eateries? No problem, we’ve consumed worse.
  10. Frequent sighting of mice/lizards/bugs in our bags/bathrooms/beds have really help us hit those high notes.

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